The Hispanic vote is a battle ground in this election.  President Obama’s strategy for votes is clear. He has a poor record, so he is appealing to “special interest” groups with grand gestures made in an election year. It’s insulting and transparent politics meant to divide us.

The most important issues are clear:

  • It’s the economy. Hispanics have much higher unemployment rates than the rest of the country.
  • Hispanics have the same interest as anyone else in protecting the free enterprise system for ourselves and our children.  It’s what made our country great!
  • We’ve wasted four years. Huge unemployment. Huge government debt (and things are still terrible). Students get degrees and can’t find jobs. No immigration policy. Health care reform is needed but Obamacare is a complete mess.  The list goes on and on.
  • We need a leader who can get it done!

Mitt Romney has a tremendous record of success working with all parties. (Read about him in the “Who is Mitt Romney” section). He stands for what is important for all Americans. The future of America and Hispanic-Americans are forever intertwined. Vote wisely. Vote for an effective leader. Mitt Resuelve!